FacesOfHaiti Welcomes Farah Augustin as New Editor-in-Chief for News Section

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Farah Augustin as our Editor-in-Chief.

Farah Lamercie Augustin, Editor-In-Chief FacesOfHaiti

Augustin, a Haitian journalist holding an MBA with a specialization in marketing and communications. She will bring her experience and passion for social media, podcasting, blogging, and writing to the helm of the facesofhaiti’s editorial team.

While Augustin’s impressive professional background was a key factor in her selection, it was her passion and dedication to Haitian culture that truly set her apart.

Augustin is a true ambassador of Haitian culture, and she is determined to showcase the richness of her home country to the world. As the new Editor-in-Chief of FacesOfHaiti, Augustin will lead the magazine’s editorial team, oversee content production, and work with the team to develop new ideas and projects. She will also be responsible for editorial strategy, while ensuring facesofhaiti stays true to its mission of promoting Haitian culture and providing a platform for Haitian voices.

Augustin’s appointment is great news for FacesOfHaiti, which will benefit from the expertise and passion of this talented communicator and writer. Readers can expect even richer and more diverse content under her leadership, as well as exciting initiatives to promote Haitian culture around the world.

March 27, 2023

2 thoughts on “FacesOfHaiti Welcomes Farah Augustin as New Editor-in-Chief for News Section”

  1. Dadou Pierre March 27, 2023

    I think this is very exciting news I have been a follower of the work you do and how well you guys promote our country. So we are excited to see Miss Augustin perform and serve and promote our country

  2. Steve Loiseau March 27, 2023

    Well deserved!

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