Bayo Takes Montreal & Central Park by Storm: Haitian DJ Michael Brun Brings Cultural Exchange Through Music

Haitian DJ and producer, Michael Brun, is set to bring his unique fusion of electronic dance music and Haitian rhythms to Montreal and New York City this summer. Bayo, an event that showcases Brun’s commitment to using music as a tool for cultural exchange, will take place in Montreal on July 7, 2023, and in Central Park, New York City, on July 22, 2023.

The announcement of Bayo’s Canadian debut has generated excitement among music and culture enthusiasts alike. Michael Brun’s music has made him a recognized name in the electronic dance music scene. By incorporating Haitian rhythms and melodies into his music, he has created a sound that is both catchy and popular. Bayo promises to be an unforgettable experience that will feature a unique and immersive visual display and showcase some of Brun’s most popular tracks as well as new material.

But that’s not all, Bayo is also set to make a return to New York City, but this time the location is none other than the iconic Central Park. This marks the third time for Bayo in New York and the event is expected to draw a diverse crowd of music lovers and cultural enthusiasts from all over the world. Michael Brun’s vision for Bayo is to bridge cultural divides through music, and this event is a testament to that.

Bayo will bring together talented artists from both Haiti and abroad to create an immersive cultural experience that celebrates the power of music to bring people together. Michael Brun’s commitment to using music as a tool for cultural exchange is evident in his decision to bring Bayo to Central Park, one of the most iconic venues in New York City.

Bayo is an event that promises to be a must-see for music and culture enthusiasts in both Montreal and New York City. With its fusion of music, art, and culture, Bayo is poised to be a highlight of the summer of 2023, especially within the Haitian community. And while I can’t confirm anything, there are rumors that more dates may be added to the schedule in the near future, so keep your eyes and ears open!


Farah L. Augustin

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