YouTube Bans Haitian Gang Leader’s Channel for Inciting Violence

Izo 5 Según receiving his Youtube 100,000 plaque

YouTube has banned the channel of a Haitian gang leader and aspiring rapper, “Izo 5 Segonn,” who allegedly used the platform to promote his gang’s criminal activities. The ban came after an outcry from Haitians both in Haiti and abroad, following a video of the gang leader receiving a YouTube Creator Award for reaching over 100,000 subscribers.

According to reports, the gang leader, who operated in the Village de Dieu slum in Port-au-Prince, used his YouTube channel to rap about his alleged crimes and activities while leading the 5 Segonn gang. He had amassed a significant following on the platform before the ban.

A YouTube spokesperson stated that the channel was terminated for violating the platform’s Community Guidelines, which prohibit content that incites others to commit violence. The spokesperson added that YouTube takes its responsibility to protect its community from harmful content seriously and will continue to enforce its policies.

The ban has been widely welcomed by Haitians, who have been grappling with gang violence in recent years. The country has been plagued by kidnappings, robberies, and killings by armed groups, prompting many to call for a crackdown on criminal gangs.

The ban on Izo 5 Segonn’s channel is a significant step in the fight against gang violence in Haiti, and it sends a clear message that social media platforms will not tolerate content that promotes violence or criminal activities.

Farah L. Augustin

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