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Faces of Haiti is a platform and movement created to promote the best of Haiti, our culture, art and so much more…

With this in mind, Facesofhaiti has opened its doors to our youth in Haiti and all over the world to showcase their ideas for a better Haiti through creativity, different conversations, and alternatives.

One of the initiatives we presented to you was BOYO, which is a 92-minute docuseries exploring our country’s history, people, culture, historical sites, and more. It was released on October 1, 2021 at AMC Miami. Seeing how well it was received by the public and knowing how talented our youth is, we couldn’t stop there; so we opened up our doors once again this time as we encourage them to dare, engage, and propose new alternatives in the process of a new Haiti. With this, Faces of Haiti powered the initiatives which can be perused at boyofilms.com

FacesOfHaiti has launched as well an eponym and yearly Film Festival in June 2022.

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