Haiti Shines at Special Olympics Berlin 2023 with Six Athletes Winning Medals

Berlin, Germany – From June 16th to June 26th, the Special Olympics Berlin 2023, dedicated to athletes with intellectual disabilities, took place in Berlin, Germany. Haiti proudly participated in these global games, sending a delegation of six talented athletes who showcased their skills and unwavering determination to achieve sporting excellence.

The Haitian athletes selected for the Special Olympics Berlin 2023 stood out in various disciplines, demonstrating their ability and motivation to compete at the highest level. Among them, three players represented the country in athletics: Renia Joseph, Christelle Paul, and Widjmy Charles. Additionally, two athletes participated in equestrian events: Darlene Milord and Ketia Jean Louis. Lastly, one athlete competed in table tennis, known as ping pong: Genet Ducame. Notably, the majority of the delegation consisted of female athletes, highlighting their exceptional representation in this international sporting event.

The dedication and hard work of the Haitian athletes paid off, as they returned home with an impressive medal haul. In total, they secured six medals, further cementing their place among the world’s elite. Renia Joseph earned the highest honor, winning a gold medal in the 200-meter race. Christelle Paul and Darlene Milord both showcased exceptional performances, securing silver medals in the 200-meter race and dressage equestrian event, respectively. Additionally, Ketia Jean Louis claimed a bronze medal in dressage equestrian, while Widjmy Charles and Genet Ducame each secured bronze medals in the 200-meter race and table tennis, respectively.

The Haitian delegation has already returned to Haiti, greeted with enthusiasm and celebration for their outstanding achievements. Conald Colbert, Special Olympics Haitit sports Director and head of the delegation, expressed his delight with the team’s excellent results. He took the opportunity to extend his gratitude to the athletes’ parents, sponsors and the coaching staff who provided unwavering support from the beginning to the end, making this gratifying experience possible.

The participation and success of the Haitian athletes in the Special Olympics Berlin 2023 serve as an inspiration to all, reminding us that determination and passion can overcome any obstacle. Their remarkable achievements not only highlight their individual talents but also shine a spotlight on the potential and abilities of athletes with intellectual disabilities worldwide. Haiti stands proud as these remarkable athletes continue to break barriers and prove that they are truly exceptional in every sense of the word.

Farah Lamercie Augustin

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